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Brennen Sowa State Farm Insurance Agency, located in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Family-owned and operated HVAC company, located in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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Galactic Fight League: where Mixed Martial Arts meets the Metaverse.

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David Appleton is a professional photographer based in Springfield, MO.

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ES MMA & fitness is a gym that offers Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and BJJ classes for all skill levels. Their goal is to have the highest quality instruction with a family friendly environment. They have both adult and child classes. All classes are run by current or retired fighters. If you are looking for self defense, to get in shape or to compete, ES MMA & Fitness is where you want to go.

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"As a professional MMA Fighter based in St. Louis, Missouri, it’s a pleasure and an honor to represent the community I call home. While I absolutely love training and competing, I like to think of myself as more than just an athlete. I’m working hard to be a positive role model to the youth of today,  by promoting physical activity, clean eating, and building a legacy people will remember me for." - Kory Beck



Kory "The Scientist" Beck vs. Brandon Wood is scheduled for September 16th, 2022 on the Shamrock FC 340 Card at River City Casino in St. Louis, Missouri.


Team Fusion Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts in Springfield offers something for everyone. They train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Submission Fighting, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling and other forms of combative sports. Their main focus is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for those who would like to experiment in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.


The Fitness DOJO structures their programs and facility around human performance. There are no machines in a martial arts dojo, and there are no machines in The Fitness Dojo, they use your own body weight and free weights with exercises that are movements that you use in real life, unlike machines.


Creative Alchemy is a premier full-service digital marketing agency that helps brands, executives, and public figures build and solidify influential connections organically through content, design, media, strategy, and e-commerce.

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